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Four Reasons Why Gig Work is For You

It’s estimated by Intuit that by 2020, 43% of the workforce will be working independently as freelancers or gig workers. Currently independent workers make up about 34% of the workforce, with this group expected to get much bigger in the years to come. If you’re wondering why so many people are choosing to have a side hustle, here are four reasons.

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Here's a Way to Find the Best Side Gigs for College Students

Shiftgig is a way to make money on the side and that’s exactly what a college student needs.”

- Corrine, Shiftgig Specialist

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Meet Monique: Dallas Resident and Shiftgig Specialist

After realizing the stress of being in charge was no longer what she wanted, Monique Ross decided to look into a different employment opportunity she kept hearing about: Shiftgig.

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Meet Maurice: Aspiring DJ, Sports Fan, and Shiftgig Specialist

After earning a degree in radio and broadcasting, Maurice struggled to find work and was often searching for odd jobs to help make ends meet.

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Meet Shavonda: Triathlete, Mom, and Shiftgig Specialist

As a mom of five, Shavonda wanted a way to earn extra cash, but still have time to spend with her family. Thanks to Shiftgig, she was able to accomplish this goal.

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Shiftgig Featured on The Penny Hoarder

Shiftgig was recently featured on a popular finance blog, The Penny Hoarder. With more than 16 million monthly readers, the personal finance blog was started by twenty-something Kyle Taylor, as part of his journey to overcome student loan debt.

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Meet Jeff: Chef, Outdoorsman, and Shiftgig Specialist

As an executive chef who was looking for a change of pace, Jeff found Shiftgig to be the best choice for him.

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More Flexible Payment Options with Shiftgig

We are excited to announce our partnership with DailyPay, giving Shiftgig Specialists a more flexible payment option to fit their lifestyles.

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Meet Jose: A 2017 Brand Ambassador of the Year and Shiftgig Specialist

Jose, of Phoenix, AZ, isn’t your ordinary brand ambassador and Shiftgig Specialist, in fact, he happens to be one of the 2017 Brand Ambassadors of the Year.

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Why Specialists Love Gig Work: Parent Edition

This entire month, we will be showcasing all the reasons why our Specialists love working in the gig economy through platforms like Shiftgig. Check out our previous posts on why students and boomers benefit from on-demand work.

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