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Why Warehouse: Part 3 - You're Most Likely Qualified

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series we talked about how warehouse work is currently in high demand, and often has a higher hourly wage thanks to that demand. Additionally, we discussed some of the trends happening in warehouses today across the country. In this final part of the series, we’ll look at warehouse job opportunities with Shiftgig, what you can expect from these roles, and some of the qualifications needed. You might be surprised to find you’re already qualified for one or more of these roles.

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Why Warehouse: Part 2 - Demand Isn't Going Away

In Part 1 of our Warehouse Series, we discussed the basics of the warehouse industry today, and why pay for warehouse workers is on the rise.

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Why Warehouse: Part 1 - Pay is on the Rise

Everyone loves when their package finally arrives from their favorite online retailer, but do you ever wonder who fills that box? For most companies, there’s an army of workers who are involved in fulfilling your order, from one end of the warehouse to the other.

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Ready, Set, Shop: Cyber Monday is Here!

We all know that today is Cyber Monday… but do you know how it began? The National Retail Federation says the term was coined 11 years ago. Consider the state of technology in 2005 – most consumers only had high-speed Internet access at work. So, they spent the Monday after Thanksgiving shopping online for those remaining items they didn’t purchase on Black Friday.

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Three Untraditional Seasonal Retail Jobs

Last week, we started our retail series by focusing on tips for entering the retail industry. Today, we continue our series with an inside look at three unique seasonal retail jobs!

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Lifting Tips for the Warehouse

Warehouse associates know better than most about the seriousness of “must be able to lift 50+ pounds” in the job description. It’s unsurprising when you learn that improper lifting is one of the top three causes of workplace injuries in the warehouse.

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