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Market Watch: Dallas Becomes Gig Economy Hub

According to a September 2016 article in the Dallas News, more than a third of Dallas residents have worked as independent contractors or gig workers, and 97 percent of those contractors reported that they were satisfied with the experience.

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Looking Ahead to 2017: Why On-Demand Works for Retail

As the New Year quickly approaches in the coming weeks, we’re here to share a new blog series, “Looking Ahead to 2017: On-Demand Trends.” Check back each week as we highlight various trends across industries. Don’t miss last week’s post on the foodservice industry.

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Ready, Set, Shop: Cyber Monday is Here!

We all know that today is Cyber Monday… but do you know how it began? The National Retail Federation says the term was coined 11 years ago. Consider the state of technology in 2005 – most consumers only had high-speed Internet access at work. So, they spent the Monday after Thanksgiving shopping online for those remaining items they didn’t purchase on Black Friday.

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Top 4 Reasons Why We Love the Retail Industry

Last week, we added to our retail series by learning from companies with excellent customer service. Today, we end our series by looking at the many benefits of working in the retail industry, particularly as a Shiftgig Specialist.

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Lessons from Retail Customer Service Hall of Fame

Last week, we added to our retail series by highlighting three non-traditional seasonal retail positions to consider for the upcoming season. Continuing with our series, our latest retail post focuses on companies with excellent customer service within the retail industry.

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Three Untraditional Seasonal Retail Jobs

Last week, we started our retail series by focusing on tips for entering the retail industry. Today, we continue our series with an inside look at three unique seasonal retail jobs!

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Introduction to Retail: Entering the Industry

Today we kick off a new series on our blog that covers everything retail, just in time for the season! Our series will focus on retail industry topics including tips for entering retail, different types of work, and the many perks to picking up seasonal employment.

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3 Tips For Time Management in Retail

New merchandise has just arrived, your current stock needs to be re-organized, shelves on the floor need to be filled, and your shift has only just started. If you aren’t managing your time well, you’re in for a long shift. If you’re wondering, “how can I be more efficient at work?”, there are some easy things you can start doing to improve your work. Here are three ways to help you manage your time during your shift.

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