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Market Watch: Dallas Becomes Gig Economy Hub

According to a September 2016 article in the Dallas News, more than a third of Dallas residents have worked as independent contractors or gig workers, and 97 percent of those contractors reported that they were satisfied with the experience.

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Market Watch: Foodservice abounds in Nashville

With the population on a continuous uptick, Nashville has become the “it” city for young professionals. It’s estimated that nearly 100 people move to the city each day, which has caused both a housing crisis, and a shortage of workers for companies looking to hire short-term, summer employees.

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Summer’s Coming! Research and Renew Your Certifications Today

Safety is important for all businesses, which is why some of our shifts require workers to have special certifications before being able to claim them. With summer on its way, now is a good time to get started on renewing your certifications so that you have access to the most opportunities (and more cash!) this summer.

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Meet Curtisha: Entertainer, Entrepreneur and Shiftgig Specialist

With over 20 years of experience in food, beverage, hospitality and customer service, Curtisha Johnson knows there’s a lot more to the industry than taking and delivering orders.

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Meet Thomas: Veteran, Football Player, Salesman and Shiftgig Specialist

There are a myriad of reasons why veterans are ideal for on-demand work. They are not only highly motivated and easily adaptable, but they are also problem solvers who take their duties seriously. At Shiftgig, we find that our Specialists who are veterans are some of our hardest working and highest achieving within our talent pool.

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Shiftgig New Orleans goes to the Super Bowl

This Sunday, 30 football-loving members of the Shiftgig New Orleans team traveled to Houston to work Super Bowl LI.  Our team worked a VIP event before the game as well as the Patriots post-game party, an event that was made way more exciting by the incredible Patriots come-from-behind victory.

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3 Values I Learned From Working in the Service Industry

I think I’ve held about two dozen jobs in my life and they’ve all been pretty different. I’ve taught Irish Dance, sorted medical records, organized marketing street teams for a music festival, adn just about everything in between. Surprisingly, it wasn’t until my senior year of college that I got my first job in the service industry: a cocktail waitress at one of the the oldest townie bars in my college town, The Tumble Inn.

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Meet Vernon: Experienced Sous Chef and Shiftgig Specialist

In a recent poll, we found that the majority (74.3%) of Shiftgig Specialists have experience in the foodservice industry, but a far fewer number of those Specialists have a sous chef skill set.

Vernon Williams is one of those unique Specialists.

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Looking Ahead to 2017: Top Ten Hospitality Positions

As the New Year quickly approaches in the coming weeks, we’re here to share a new blog series, “Looking Ahead to 2017: On-Demand Trends.” Check back each week as we highlight various trends across industries. Don’t miss our previous posts on the retail industry and the foodservice industry.

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5 Holiday Drinks to Celebrate the Season

There’s nothing better during the holiday season than delicious, holiday-inspired cocktails to relieve the stress of the season. Whether you’re creating a drink in a bar or playing DIY bartender for your friends and family at home, here are the must-try holiday drinks of the season.

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