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Advice for Brand ambassadors, from brand ambassadors on How to Manage Earnings & Expenses

In a recent poll, BookedOut found that 48% of brand ambassadors choose gigs based on pay over any other factor, including the gig’s total number of hours, location, role type or agency. We’ve also found payment to be the number one issue discussed with our support team.

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Top 5 Event Marketing Buzzwords You Need to Know

Interested in event marketing? Looking to enter the industry, but you’re unsure if you possess the vocabulary and knowledge to do so? It’s easy to get bogged down with language that you aren’t familiar with, so here are our top five event marketing buzzwords to help you easily access the industry.

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Cheat Sheet to Becoming a Brand Ambassador

Even if you’re unfamiliar with the term “brand ambassador", you’ve probably encountered a few in your lifetime. Essentially, brand ambassadors are individuals hired by a company to positively represent a brand.

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3 Ways Teachers Can Make Money Over The Summer

Summer is right around the corner. After what may seem like the longest nine months of every teacher’s life, a break is well deserved. But for the teachers who want to stay active during the summer, here are 3 exciting things you can do while making some extra money.

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Ashok, From Bartender to Director of Catering

My house is your house. If there is anyone that lives by this phrase, it’s New York Shiftgig Specialist Ashok. Ashok is a man of many talents; he is a server, a bartender, a field manager, a captain, a sous chef, a line cook, and a prep cook, among other skills. Regardless of the position he's working, he has one goal: provide the best experience for any guest of his.

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Shiftgig Disrupts The Revolving Door of Staffing Agencies

Being the Cafeteria Manager for a large convention center in Atlanta, GA is no cakewalk -- ask Karl P.

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Specialists Say...

We asked our Specialists... Why do you love Shiftgig?

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Marcela, Shiftgig's Midwest Wonder Woman

Marcela wears more hats than the average person. When she’s not in class as a full-time student studying Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering Management, she’s working as an on-site manager for a mobile bidding silent auction technology company.

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