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How To Become A Brand Ambassador With No Experience

Have you ever gone to a concert or sporting event and noticed people having the time of their life promoting your favorite brands? They’re called brand ambassadors and, while the long hours and hard work can be tough, getting started is easier than you think.

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Meet Jose: A 2017 Brand Ambassador of the Year and Shiftgig Specialist

Jose, of Phoenix, AZ, isn’t your ordinary brand ambassador and Shiftgig Specialist, in fact, he happens to be one of the 2017 Brand Ambassadors of the Year.

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Brand Ambassadors Impacting the Experiential Marketing Industry: Part 1

Brand ambassadors, event staff, and promotional models keep the experiential marketing industry running. However, there has never been recognition for this group until now.

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Summer’s Coming! Research and Renew Your Certifications Today

Safety is important for all businesses, which is why some of our shifts require workers to have special certifications before being able to claim them. With summer on its way, now is a good time to get started on renewing your certifications so that you have access to the most opportunities (and more cash!) this summer.

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Introducing the Brand Ambassador of the Year Awards

We know that brand ambassadors, event staff and promotional models are an important part of a company’s marketing strategy - they represent and often personify a brand and its promise to consumers.

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Guest Post: Brand Ambassador 101

Paul Moise is a career brand ambassador who has worked over 30 shifts with BookedOut by Shiftgig. We asked Paul to share some of his BA wisdom with the community and unsurprisingly, he said ‘yes’. Here are some of his best insider tips.

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I got paid to go to the Super Bowl

Our Product Marketing Manager Sarah has over six years of experience in experiential marketing. Before she worked at BookedOut by Shiftgig, she worked as a brand ambassador, market manager and account manager for various brands, namely Verizon. 

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Looking Ahead to 2017: Need-to-Know Compensation Trends for Experiential Marketing

As the New Year quickly approaches in the coming days, we’re here to conclude our blog series, “Looking Ahead to 2017: On-Demand Trends.” Don’t miss our previous posts on the retail industry, the foodservice industry and the hospitality industry.

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How to Take Better Event Photos

Note: This post was originally published on the BookedOut Blog.

You’re probably sick of hearing the phrase, “a picture is worth 1,000 words,” but it actually turns out that it's true; there are statistics to support it.

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Meet Genetta Lillian: Brand Ambassador, Promotional Model and Shiftgig Specialist

Born and raised in Memphis, Genetta Lillian has established herself as a professional model and brand ambassador. She considers herself creative and never had a problem being in front of people growing up.

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