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How to Become a Cook Without Any Experience

At any restaurant, cooks are the backbone of the business. They’re in charge of many things: preparing quality food, maintaining the kitchen's pace, managing a team of diverse roles -- all things that ultimately have an effect on the rest of the staff including servers, bartenders and hosts.

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Advice For Gig Workers, By Gig Workers Part 1: Be Your Own Brand

According to the Harvard Business Review, proactively seeking advice is vital to developing leadership and decision-making skills. In this series we’ll talk to gig workers finding work using the Shiftgig app to hear what advice they have for other Specialists.

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How to Become a Server Without Any Previous Experience

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over two million people in the United States worked as servers in 2017. And this likely won’t change any time soon — the foodservice and hospitality industries will always have a need for qualified, reliable and certified servers.

A majority of businesses that employ servers are looking for workers with experience — but what happens if you don’t have any? In this post, we’ll cover steps that will get you ready to land the serving job you want.

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Having the Right Uniform Matters: Here’s Where to Find What You Need

First impressions mean a lot. For many gig workers, making a good first impression means wearing the right uniform. In most cases, Shiftgig clients expect workers to arrive in the appropriate uniform ready to work. To help you find the right uniforms, we rounded up links to affordable pieces commonly required for Specialists finding work through Shiftgig.

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How to Become a Bartender With No Previous Experience

Starting out in any career can be intimidating when you have no experience, but everyone has to start somewhere.

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How To Become A Brand Ambassador With No Experience

Our Product Marketing Manager, Sarah, has been in the experiential marketing industry for more than six years. Before joining Shiftgig, she worked as a brand ambassador, market manager, and account manager for various big-name brands like Fireball, Coca Cola, and Nike. Today, she is sharing her tips on how to become a brand ambassador with little to no experience.

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Summer’s Coming! Research and Renew Your Certifications Today

Safety is important for all businesses, which is why some of our shifts require workers to have special certifications before being able to claim them. With summer on its way, now is a good time to get started on renewing your certifications so that you have access to the most opportunities (and more cash!) this summer.

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Uber, Right? Wrong. 4 Fun Ways to Work On-Demand

If you asked anyone ten years ago what an Uber was, they would probably look at you confused and think you were trying to speak German (uber literally translates to “about” in the language). Today, Uber, Lyft and other ridesharing companies have not only become a proper noun, but also a staple in how people get around and a notably flexible option for work.

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8 Top Traits of On-Demand Workers

Understanding your personality type is useful for recognizing the best way you work, but let’s keep it simple--there are some personality traits that are just well suited for on-demand work. With 2017 coined as the year of the on-demand workforce, there’s no better time than now to get onboard. If any of the following descriptions sound like you, you should consider picking up some on-demand gigs.

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Want to be a Shiftgig Specialist? Read This First.

We sat down this morning with Torrie Davis, Shiftgig’s Operations Project Manager. She’s been with our team for two and a half years now. Torrie is on the front line interviewing our prospective Specialists, so we thought she was the perfect person to ask about what makes a great interview.

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