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New Look, More Information, Same Great Shifts.

We are excited to share Shiftgig’s new website! In addition to a refreshed look and feel, our updated site offers more information about how to work with Shiftgig, which cities we operate in, the industries and positions where we offer shifts, and how working in the gig economy can help you work on your terms and make extra money.

Let’s take a further look at these new website features.  

Hiring Process

To help you get started, we’ve created a ‘How It Works’ page that lays out the expectations of how to start working with us. We want to help you understand exactly what to expect before you even apply.

Where To Work

Have you ever wondered where Shiftgig is offering shifts? Check out our new map showing the cities where we operate. We also added a new feature where you can be notified whenever we expand to a new city or region.

Life More Interesting

Do you have experience working in more than one industry, or have the skills to work different positions in the same industry? You can now view the industries and types of positions available for work so you don’t miss out on an opportunity to earn more cash through Shiftgig.

Specialist Testimonials

Meet some of our Specialists and hear how they’ve been able to work on their terms. Whether they are picking up work to help pay for college, or learning new skills in a specific industry, learn more about how our current Specialists are earning extra cash and experience.


Do you have further questions? No problem. Check out our FAQ, which provides answers to the most commonly asked questions from both our current Specialists and those who are looking to apply at Shiftgig.

Our Company

Learn more about our vision and mission as a company to change the way people work. From getting to know our executive leadership team to how we give back to our company through our Corporate Social Responsibility program, you’ll get a full look at what Shiftgig stands for.

Want to see the new website for yourself?



May 22, 2017 | Shelby Eversole