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How To Become A Brand Ambassador With No Experience

Our Product Marketing Manager, Sarah, has been in the experiential marketing industry for more than six years. Before joining Shiftgig, she worked as a brand ambassador, market manager, and account manager for various big-name brands like Fireball, Coca Cola, and Nike. Today, she is sharing her tips on how to become a brand ambassador with little to no experience.

Have you ever gone to a concert or sporting event and noticed people having the time of their life promoting your favorite brands? They’re called brand ambassadors and, while the long hours and hard work can be tough, getting started is easier than you think.

I, like most in this industry, stumbled across an opportunity in college to work in experiential marketing that helped shape the career I have today. (Learn more about how I got paid to go to the Super Bowl here.) At the time, I had no idea what I was getting myself into or how to even be successful in the position. Up until that point in my life, I had only worked two jobs - lifeguarding at a waterpark and being a VIP usher at a local concert venue. Looking back after several years and campaigns, it’s now easy to see why I was an ideal fit as a brand ambassador and you could be too.

I’m excited to share five quick tips to help you get started as a brand ambassador without any experience.

1. Build a ‘promo resume’ 

Even if you have little to no experience in promotional work, you can still tailor your job experience to highlight relevant skills. Focus on skills that showcase your charisma, work ethic, flexibility, and problem solving. Consider including jobs such as serving or bartending, customer service, modeling & acting, or sales.

2. Quality and variety in your photos

A lot of the experiential marketing industry hires 1099 contractors, which means agencies are selecting people who match the objectives of a certain brand or campaign. These campaigns usually require you to submit physical attributes, photos, or videos of yourself. Have a folder ready of professional-looking (not necessarily professionally taken) photos that highlight your personality.

3. Look in the right places

There is no shortage of gigs out there, sometimes you just have to know where to look! A few places to start looking for gigs include the ‘Event Gigs’ section of Craigslist or the ‘Brand Ambassadors of (insert your closest city here) pages on Facebook. Apps like BookedOut by Shiftgig automatically match you to campaigns you qualify to work in your area.

4. Entry-level gigs

Everyone has to start somewhere. With little to no experience, you should pick up smaller, local gigs to help build up your resume and network. You will start meeting and connecting with more people in the industry, while also adding skills to your resume.

5. Be available

There are no days off in experiential, including holidays. Making yourself available and having a flexible schedule is one of the most crucial aspects of working with an experiential marketing agency.

Committing yourself to a campaign and working hard is hands-down the best way to open the door to future opportunities!

If you’d like to start working as a brand ambassador, apply to Shiftgig today.



September 5, 2017 | Sarah Podella