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Helpful Tips & Tricks: How to Leverage Your Skills to Get More Gigs

This new year, we’re resolving to give our Specialists the tools they need to succeed, starting with a new blog series “Helpful Tips & Tricks.” Check back each week as we share insight that will help make the your lives a little easier.

There are nearly 14,000 unique Specialists who are actively using the Shiftgig app. That’s a fair amount of competition, but it’s important to remember that not everyone has the experience that you do. According to a recent poll, we found that the majority of Specialists have experience in food service, customer service, retail and serving.

Industry_Experience-768x778.pngThe good news is that no matter what your past experience is, there are several ways you can draw attention to your profile. We asked two members of Shiftgig’s internal operations team to share how you can set yourself apart and improve your chances of getting more shifts.

Here is their advice.

“The best way to stand out is to actually not stand out.”

It’s always important to be passionate, but make sure you’re not self-promoting like crazy on-site. The client doesn’t have to hear about all of the places you’ve worked and the amazing experience you bring to the table during your shift. They also don’t need to know that this is your first gig. The only things that they’re going to be interested in is that you are focused and effective while you are working for them, so let your work do the talking.

“Cover the basics.”

Arrive ahead of the suggested time. Do your job well. Sign out when dismissed and depart professionally. These simple, – yet often overlooked – steps can help increase your reliability score in the app and therefore the likelihood of you being booked in the future.

“Exemplify integrity by doing what is right, even when you think absolutely no one is watching.”

You may only work a certain shift with certain people once – don’t make that a justification for performing poorly. Give every hour of every shift your all. Show dedication, passion and willingness to work as a part of the team – we promise, our teams and clients notice. The more you get “All-Starred”, the more you’ll be chosen for work. So give them a reason to choose you.

“Do not limit yourself to one skill set.”

We often interview Specialists who have resumes and experience in a variety of skills, but they tell us they “only want to bartend,” etc. The truth is, the more skills that you have added to your profile, the more shifts you will be eligible to work. For example, if you only wanted to bartend and the day you wanted to pick up a shift, all of the bartender shifts were full, having that barista skill tag or server skill tag would give you the opportunity to claim shifts that would not be available to you otherwise.

“Do not be afraid to try something new.”

We have had new Specialists be hesitant to pick up certain shifts based on bad experiences with past employers. Don’t let misconceptions about certain types of work get in your way. It’s important to remember that every client and location with Shiftgig will be different in their styles of service and work. If you give our clients a chance, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised at the way they run things. Who knows, you might even enjoy yourself on your shift…  

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January 16, 2017 | Kelly Hickey