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Advice for Gig Workers, by Gig Workers Part 3: First Impressions Matter

In this series, we talked to Shiftgig Specialists who offered advice for other gig workers. One Specialist, who has worked more than 150 hospitality shifts in New York since August 2016, stood out among all the others. He’s been recognized by four clients as an All Star -- because of these impressive credentials, we knew he’d have great tips to share.

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Feature Focus: A Brand New Way to Enter Hours

We’re excited to announce the upcoming release of a new feature in our app that significantly improves worker check in and check out. This update changes the way workers record hours and ensures they’re paid accurately. This feature focus post details the benefits and changes of the verified timekeeping for both clients and workers.

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The One Skill Gig Workers Need. (And It Might Surprise You.)

Jobs in the gig economy encompass a broad range of skills and experiences. Some gig jobs require specialized or technical skills, ranging from being technical savvy to having social media management experience. Others may require a strong set of soft skills. For example, a front desk attendant needs good interpersonal skills and a dog walker should love dogs. While technical skills and experience are important, “ soft skills matter when it comes to career advancement.”
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