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Barback Cheat Sheet

Interested in making the move from barback to bartender, but aren’t sure how? Or were you just employed as a barback and want to make a positive first impression at your place of work?

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Shiftgig’s Bruin Celebrates National Dog Day

Recently retired as the Vice President of Office Cheer, Bruin is still well known around the Shiftgig office. A dedicated employee for several years at the growing startup, Bruin was in charge of maintaining a high office moral and bringing joy to everyone he met.

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Faster Pay at Shiftgig

Have you heard yet about our faster pay update for our current and future Specialists? First, before we mention our exciting changes, we would like to thank you for choosing Shiftgig.

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3 Tips on How to Communicate More Effectively With Your Coworkers

You’re in your workplace for multiple hours a day, week, month, and year, so you’re bound to have some coworkers that you absolutely love working with and some that may not share your work style.

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Shiftgig Celebrates National Tell a Joke Day

Everybody loves humor, but did you know that there’s an entire day dedicated to telling jokes? Believe it or not, August 16th is recognized as National Tell a Joke day (we swear we aren't joking, yet)! 

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Meet Chef Ron: Foodie, Musician and Specialist

Chicago is filled with exceptionally talented people, but Ron, otherwise known as Chef Ron, stands out. Current Specialist, musician and foodie, Chef Ron has been working in foodservice for over 15 years and has been playing gospel, R&B and jazz music for over 30 years.

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Shiftgig Celebrates #ILookLikeAnEngineer One-Year Anniversary

Last week, it had been a year since the ground-breaking hashtag #ILookLikeAnEngineer surfaced, fighting stereotypes associated with the field of engineering in the tech world.

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Top 5 Event Marketing Buzzwords You Need to Know

Interested in event marketing? Looking to enter the industry, but you’re unsure if you possess the vocabulary and knowledge to do so? It’s easy to get bogged down with language that you aren’t familiar with, so here are our top five event marketing buzzwords to help you easily access the industry.

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Cheat Sheet to Becoming a Brand Ambassador

Even if you’re unfamiliar with the term “brand ambassador", you’ve probably encountered a few in your lifetime. Essentially, brand ambassadors are individuals hired by a company to positively represent a brand.

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