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Shiftgig Opens in New Orleans

Hello, New Orleans! New Orleans, our 11th city to open, is now open for business. This is in addition to our offices also located in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Memphis, Miami, Milwaukee, New York, Phoenix, and Tampa. You can read more  about our launch from WGNO.

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DaVette: Teacher, Volleyball Coach, and Shiftgig Specialist

Before DaVette started working with Shiftgig in Houston, she was a student at the University of St. Thomas juggling class, volleyball, and a part-time job. Studying Business Management and always travelling for collegiate volleyball left DaVette too busy to work full-time, so she started looking for flexible work options. After finding Shiftgig, she realized it fit perfectly with her schedule; she could pick up shifts when she wasn’t travelling and when class wasn’t too hectic. 

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Five Tips to Improve Your Resume

Today’s workers are transient, changing companies, roles, and even careers often. In fact, one in three workers will change jobs in the next six months. Whether you’re on the market now or just planning ahead, we’ve got some tips to make your resume stand out to recruiters and hiring managers.

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Shiftgig Named a Top Innovator by Techweek100 Chicago 2016

Shiftgig is excited to be included in Techweek100 as a top Innovator in Chicago for 2016. Techweek100 celebrates the entirety of the tech community, from its members to successes and developments.

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3 Ways Teachers Can Make Money Over The Summer

Summer is right around the corner. After what may seem like the longest nine months of every teacher’s life, a break is well deserved. But for the teachers who want to stay active during the summer, here are 3 exciting things you can do while making some extra money.

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Viktoriya, Bartender and Customer Service Connoisseur

Although Viktoriya is new to Chicago, she’s no stranger to the service and hospitality industries. Originally from Russia, Viktoriya moved to the United States  6 years ago with her husband. Their first home was in Florida, where Viktoriya became established in the hotel industry.

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Shiftgig Opens in Milwaukee

Beer City, we have arrived! We’re excited to announce that our newest office is now open for business. Milwaukee marks our 10th market, with offices also located in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Memphis, Miami, New York, Phoenix, and Tampa.

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Whisky vs. Whiskey

Whisky is whiskey is whisky. It’s all the same, right? Not quite. Though, generally speaking, whisky/ey is distilled from grain, it turns out the spelling of this flavorful spirit makes all the difference to enthusiasts and gurus. So what exactly makes whisky different from whiskey?

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An Introduction to Italian Wines - Part 1

A majority of people would say they enjoy wine, whether it’s their preferred alcoholic beverage of choice or just an occasional treat. However, most people don’t know the details of the wines they’re drinking; flavors, aromas, pairings, and other characteristics give each wine its own personality.

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