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Vicheka, Server and Volunteer

For some time in 2015, Vicheka had been searching for something that would allow her to work only when she wanted to. She wasn’t interested in full-time work, but needed something that would still provide her with a paycheck. When she came across Shiftgig, she knew that it was the perfect fit.

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On How to Become a Bartender

“Help Wanted” signs are popping up for every position in the service industry; virtually every restaurant is hiring. Mixologists are taking over and the demand for bartenders continues to grow. Bartending is an exciting way to make great money while meeting people and having fun.

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Ashok, From Bartender to Director of Catering

My house is your house. If there is anyone that lives by this phrase, it’s New York Shiftgig Specialist Ashok. Ashok is a man of many talents; he is a server, a bartender, a field manager, a captain, a sous chef, a line cook, and a prep cook, among other skills. Regardless of the position he's working, he has one goal: provide the best experience for any guest of his.

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The Quick Guide to Food Handler and Alcohol Certificates

These certficiates could strengthen your resume and help you get more shifts. 

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Shiftgig Disrupts The Revolving Door of Staffing Agencies

Being the Cafeteria Manager for a large convention center in Atlanta, GA is no cakewalk -- ask Karl P.

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