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How to be a Great Specialist: Your Guide to Server Shifts

As a service industry Specialist, your goal is to make the client happy. This means being professional, showing up on time, and much more.

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10 Tips for Becoming Part of a Team

Becoming part of a team is an important part of the any industry, but especially for those of us who work in service and hospitality. Whether you are interacting with a manager or other Specialists, having good teamwork skills is imperative. The service and hospitality industry requires you to work well with other people whether you are a field manager, cook, server, or busser, and each person is responsible for themselves. The end goal is to leave customers and clients happy and fulfilled and there is no way to achieve this without sharing the weight. When you learn to be a successful part of a team there is no end to what you can accomplish. Follow the tips below to find out how you can become the best co-worker and Specialist you can be.

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