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Announcing Wade Burgess, Former VP of Talent Solutions at LinkedIn, as Shiftgig’s New Chief Executive Officer

We are very excited to announce that Wade Burgess, former VP of Talent Solutions at LinkedIn, is joining Shiftgig as our Chief Executive Officer, effective September 25th. Burgess is tasked with aligning Shiftgig’s product and technology roadmap, support process, and operating practices to the needs of our Specialists today and beyond. Eddie Lou, co-founder and former CEO of Shiftgig, will transition into his new role with the company as Executive Chairman. You can read our official press release on this announcement here.

Wade Burgess HeadshotWe sat down with both Wade and Eddie to discuss what these changes mean for our Specialists and the overall business.

Why is now the right time to make this transition?

Eddie: My philosophy has always been to surround yourself with those who are better than you in order to build something great. As Shiftgig enters its next big phase of growth and maturity, we are seeing greater potential for our mobile app to help achieve our vision of creating financial opportunity for the hourly workforce. With Wade as CEO, Shiftgig has the opportunity to build more innovative technology and make the lives of our current and potential Specialists easier.

Wade: For me personally, now is the right time to take on the role of CEO at Shiftgig because it is an opportunity to continue my personal mission of helping people live better lives. For nearly a decade, I have been committed to working towards LinkedIn’s vision of creating economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce and I’m looking forward to using that experience to help gig and hourly workers.

Eddie, what will your role with Shiftgig be moving forward?

Eddie: I will still be very much involved, serving as the Executive Chairman of Shiftgig. In this new role, I’ll be focused on overseeing corporate development, assisting with big enterprise acquisition, channel partnerships, and will continue to be a spokesperson for the business.

Wade, what are the immediate priorities for you to tackle?

Wade: I’m a big believer in diagnosing before prescribing. My most immediate priority is to listen to our clients, Specialists, employees, and partners. We want to make sure our product roadmap, support model, and operating practices are aligned with what the marketplace needs.  Attracting world class talent will also be key to our ability of delivering on our vision of creating financial opportunity for the hourly workforce.

How does this transition positively impact Shiftgig Specialist?

Eddie: With Wade’s personal and professional missions aligning perfectly to Shiftgig’s vision as a company, he will bring about new opportunities to help people change the way they work.

Wade: Most great technology takes the friction out of something, making the task more simple, and I believe Shiftgig does this for people searching for work. By capitalizing on my experience of changing the talent landscape at LinkedIn, I look forward to driving real impact on the lives of the gig economy and hourly worker. 

To learn more about Wade and this exciting news, read our press release.



September 19, 2017 | Eddie Lou