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How to be a Great Specialist: Your Guide to Server Shifts

As a service industry Specialist, your goal is to make the client happy. This means being professional, showing up on time, and much more. Some Specialists have extensive experience while others are newer, but for many it takes time to become great. This guide will help you become the best Specialist you can be. After all, a large component of being a successful Specialist is making a good impression on client so they want to work with you again!

Tip #1
Be friendly.

Being friendly and smiling goes a long way. A guest should never feel like they are a burden to you. If you smile, it shows that you are happy to help with whatever your guest might need.

Tip #2
Have good hygiene.

It is important that you are fully prepared and look professional when you arrive for your shift. This means having the correct attire and looking clean. Make sure your hair is tied back and that you don’t have dirt under your fingernails. Part of leaving a good impression is making sure the client is happy even before you start.

Tip #3
Have a positive attitude.

Having a good attitude is so important when you work in the service industry because it determines your personal success and how the client perceives the event as a whole. When other Specialists see that you are lively and enthusiastic they will be inspired to match your energy level, which will also help the event run smoothly.

Tip #4
Don’t touch anyone.

It is unprofessional to touch guests in any way, even if it is just a hand placed on someone’s shoulder. You never know who you are serving, so your best option is to be extra polite. You don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable.

Tip #5
Don’t be a gossip.

You should never talk about your fellow Specialists in front of clients or guests. While you’re on the clock, you should always be professional and keep issues to yourself. If an issue requires urgent attention, then bring it up in private to your Field Manager.

Tip #6
Be proactive.

Being proactive will make you stand out as a Specialist. Make sure you are on top of all your duties and get things done ahead of time, if possible. Offer your assistance if you see that another Specialist is overwhelmed, or ask your Field Manager if there is anything you can do to help during your down time - going the extra mile is always appreciated!

Tip #7
Don’t eat or drink in front of customers.

Every client has a different protocol about food breaks, but no matter the policy, you should never be seen eating or drinking in front of guests. You are not there to enjoy the event, you are part of the team running it; eating or drinking on the job may be perceived as unprofessional. Also, if people see you eating with your hands they might assume that you haven’t washed your hands and are spreading germs.

Tip #8
Toughen up.

Clients can be very specific and want things run a certain way, so if you slip up they might want to address the issue with you. This can be an uncomfortable experience if you don’t find a good way to handle it. Everyone wants their event to go smoothly, and getting everyone on the same page is part of that process. Try not to take things too personally, stay positive, and try to improve yourself throughout the rest of your shift.

August 26, 2015 | Tricia Cagua